New 'Youth Football Guide' Launched

Everyone can help children enjoy football more by creating the right environment.

Football is the greatest game in the world and is played by more people across the globe than any other sport.

For a privileged few, it is how they earn a living. But for the vast majority of people who play the game, it is a fun, leisure activity for all ages, to be enjoyed.

Everyone can help children enjoy the game more, by creating the right environment, by allowing them to play with freedom, by letting them make mistakes and by encouraging them to make their own decisions.

That is why The FA has produced an easy-to-follow guide (below) to help improve the match-day experience for younger players.

From introducing codes of conduct to simply providing refreshments, the guide offers plenty of tips to help every volunteer, coach or manager of a grassroots youth team.

There have never been as many youth teams (over 62,000) playing across the country and everyone can do their bit to ensure young players stay in love with the game.


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